Our Agenda

Say NO to Caste based Reservation

As per the 'article 16'from the constitution of India equal opportunity for jobs but odious politics of discrimination is destroying this fundamental by amendments

No caste based discrimination

Government policies for helping poor are biased and caste based discrimination policies so our aim is to fight against discrimination

Helping poor

Providing them financial scholarship for studies and educational support

Fight for 'EQUALITY

As per mentioned Preamble of constitution Equal opportunities for every citizen

Promoting talent strengthen nation

Due to the curse of Reservation the talent is strangled,for strengthen nation remove the shackles of Reservation and respect the talent

Employment for needy

The Gandhian model of employment, where a delicate balance of man and machine, must be followed as India is a populous country. India missed the industrial revolution, so the employment revolution. If a good governance is there then there will be growth of industries and more investment will be there thus creating more employment opportunities for the people living in that area. This will bring prosperity and prevent cities being overburdened by the problem of migrants with no employment.
There seems to be a deliberate attempt to mislead public opinion by projecting caste-based reservation as the only form of affirmative action. Affirmative action has to “affirm” the social will to rectify unjust structures and practices in existence. Any society has a multiplicity of such structures and practices. Any program of affirmative action has to tackle all these factors and not elevate any one factor to the level of a political “fetish”.

Fight against SC/ST Act

Economic Aid to poor people

Educational support through coaching to the economically week students

Providing jobs to economically weak students